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Kiki Kirby Coaching

A Heart-Centered Business and Life Coach


Kiki Stanton, is a heart-centered business and life coach who has worked with hundreds of individuals struggling with difficult career decisions, burnout, grief, general loss of fervor for every day life.

Working together, Kiki has seen her clients regain purpose, focus, clarity and reconnect with who they truly are.

Kiki strongly beleives that life is journey that can be cherished and enjoyed through the deepest of struggles. She beleives that we already have the answers within us, and aims to work with her clients together to bring them out and help you achieve more in your life, career, and business.

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Unicorn House, Watermoor Rd, Cirencester GL7 1JW

What To Expect 

Before Kiki starts a coaching programme, she will get to know you to get a deep understanding of your needs, challenge you to recognise and build on your strengths, explore your current reality and find positive ways to make changes and move forward. This will help you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

During the session, Kiki will ask you about what you want to get out of life, what areas you are unhappy with and your hopes for the future. You will never be forced to make any decisions that you do not feel comfortable with and all sessions will be confidential, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings privately.

Sessions usually last up to 2 hours, depending on a client’s requirements. Times are flexible. They can be conducted over the phone, face-to-face, over email, via Zoom and occasionally through instant messaging.


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9.00-5.00pm Monday to Friday
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Coaching helps to empower you to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals.  This includes excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled in the home, exploring the inner you and achieving ambitions. 

All of Kiki's coaching programmes are tailored to her client’s requirements.

The inner you is made up of your soul, spirit and character. We often forget this, as we focus so much on the external self. 

Through coaching, Kiki will help you to explore your inner emotions and teach you how to listen and react to them.

Best For


"Kiki is an incredibly inspiring and compassionate coach. Her approach enables you to find clarity in your goals and desires for both your professional and personal life. As a speaker and corporate coach she is professional, highly experienced and thought provoking."

Kiki Stanton

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Business and Life Coach



"Well, I had no goals at the time, only visions and Kiki helped turn those visions into goals, while they weren’t materialistic goals, I’ve achieved what I wanted which is to be happy and do a job I enjoy doing, and those boxes are now ticked."

"It enabled me to focus upon and achieve the goals that i set for myself, for example one goal was to focus upon buying a house – i move in next week. one other goal was to refocus my attention in my personal life – my relationship has become stronger as a result."

Image by Christopher Campbell

"Kiki’s coaching has helped me become more clear about the goals I wanted to achieve. She helped me explore resources that I didn’t realise I had within reach. As a coach myself, it was a great experience to be the client and to be on the receiving end of being asked great coaching questions. It allowed me to experience firsthand the power of coaching."

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