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Suzanne Alderson

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Campaigner, Public Speaker, Author and Founder & CEO of Global charity and community Parenting Mental Health


Parental Support & Mental Health


Parenting Mental Health, Parenting Support, Parenting Support for Carers, Mental Health in Children, Community Leader, Community Building, Community Strategist, Community Consultant


Suzanne Alderson is a public speaker, media commentator and author devoted to empowering, educating, and supporting parents of children with mental health issues and mental illness.

Founder and CEO of the global digital community and charity Parenting Mental Health, Suzanne is passionate about creating a space for parents to connect, find support, and access resources and expert advice, to help parents better cope with caring for children who are facing mental health issues and mental illness.

When Suzanne Alderson’s 14-year-old daughter became suicidal in 2015, she and her family were thrown into a dark, frightening, and isolating time. All of the support was focused, rightly, on her daughter, but she knew that as a parent she had a vital part to play in guiding her daughter and her family through this challenging experience.

Parenting Mental Health started with a Facebook group in September 2016, with a goal to connect and support parents. Since then it has grown exponentially and now empowers, educates, and supports thousands of parents around the world.

Her daughter is fully recovered, off medication, and excited about life. Suzanne’s Partnering™ Approach to supporting her daughter that made such an impact is now helping other parents to help their children build resilient recoveries from mental illness.

A leading voice in the sector, Suzanne writes for a number of titles on the subject and is being published this October with her first book ‘Never Let Go - How to Parent Your Child Through Mental Illness’, published by Vermilion.

Through her work with Parenting Mental Health, Suzanne has been recognised as an expert consultant in community building, speaking extensively on the subject, as well as advising businesses and brands on community strategy and engagement.

Public Speaking 

Corporate Speaking
Suzanne is a global thought leader, passionate about educating businesses and brands about how to build ‘Communities of Purpose’. Suzanne is a thought leader, and through her talks, workshops and training courses, helps brands and businesses understand what it takes to build strong communities, that deliver customer loyalty and marketing efficiency to achieve success and create positive change.

'Partnering' Courses
Suzanne methodology of 'Partnering' is a highly acclaimed course for education leaders, parents and professional bodies to help provide theory and practical support to parents.

Corporate Courses & Workshops
Suzanne hosts a variety of talks and workshops in the UK and globally, on community strategy and building businesses and brands with purpose. Suzanne supports businesses to create efficient marketing strategies that engage with audience and promote positive change in their organisations and across the community.


Facebook Community
Suzanne's Facebook group for Parenting Mental Health has been supported by the Facebook Community Leadership Program and is now a global leader in parental support. Her 'Partnering' methodology is widely used and a host of courses are available to parents and charities.

Book Launch
Suzanne is also about to publish her first book ‘Never Let Go - How To Parent Your Child Through Mental Illness’, published by Vermilion.

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Facebook Community Leadership Program


Image by Andrew Mantarro

Teen Talk Supporter


"Suzanne is an inspirational community leader who, through her own adversity has show the power of community in providing much needed support for thousands of people.

Suzanne's drive and passion to connect others and create a support system for people struggling to care for children with mental health issues is an incredible representation of one persons drive and determination to help others. She is an incredible business and community leader, coveted speaker and commentator and a true inspiration."

- Live Life Well

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