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Juliette Burton

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Award-winning Comedian, Performer, Writer, Presenter and Broadcast Journalist


Mental Health


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Juliette is an Award-winning Performer, Comedian, Writer, Presenter and Broadcast Journalist and Mental Health Campaigner.

In 2018 Juliette was listed as ‘one to watch’ in The Times’ ‘Best of Edinburgh Fringe’ shortlist, ‘Best Comedy To See’ in the Sunday Times Culture magazine and in The Telegraph’s ‘Rising Stars’ of the Edinburgh Fringe. In 2017 Juliette won the Voice Magazine Pick of the Fringe Award at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Spirit of the Fringe Award at Bedfringe for Butterfly Effect. The previous year, Juliette won the New Current Woman of the Year Award at the Edinburgh Fringe. She also won the Argus Angel Award at the Brighton Fringe for Look At Me in 2015. Juliette has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe since 2009.

Juliette has a lifelong history of mental health problems. She was diagnosed with OCD, acute anxiety, manic depression, bipolar, anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating disorder. She has experienced psychosis and agoraphobia as well as social anxiety disorder. She was an inpatient in mental hospitals/clinics 4 times, and sectioned under the mental health act aged 17.

She’s still in therapy, now blogs for Time to Change, MindFull, ReThink Mental Illness and Mind. and has worked with the facial disfigurement charity Changing Faces and body dysmorphic disorder charity B.O.D.Y.

Public Speaking 

Juliette is an informed speaker and able to talk confidently on the subject of mental health, using her experiences and strength to offer hope.


Juliette launched her UK-wide campaign 'Defined' this Spring. A project which aims to get to know towns on tour and individuals in her audience.

Juliette's aim is to see our similarities and celebrate our differences, to connect with audiences and also connect audiences to mental health support.

Image by Andrew Mantarro

Ambassador for Rethink Mental Illness


Image by Andrew Mantarro

Performer with Next Up Comedy on Demand


“Juliette’s work as an ambassador for Rethink Mental Illness has played an integral part in educating people on a topic that many have felt uncomfortable discussing. Her willingness to draw on her past in a light hearted way has been vital in helping us to challenge the stigma and taboo of a topic that directly affects so many.”

Patrick O’Brien – ReThink Mental Illness

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