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Josh Roberts

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Author, Mental Health Speaker, Journalist


Stress & Anxiety


mental health, health, wellbeing, anxiety, stress, stresandanxiety, mentalhealth


Josh is a writer, broadcaster and public speaker focused on mental health.

Josh's career began as a Strategy Consultant at Deloitte, followed by a move into advertising where he worked for global brands such as The Times, Sunday Times and Financial Times.

In 2017 Josh experienced an intense mental breakdown which culminated in being diagnosed with a Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). After opening up and writing an article about his experience in an article for The Times, Josh was amazed by the outpourings of support and cries for help from other sufferers.

​From Sydney to Santiago, London to Lisbon, Josh received hundreds of messages from other men who have suffered or were suffering from similar conditions. “I am in a crisis what shall I do?”, they would say. Or “Will this ever get better?”.

​Inspired by the reaction, Josh quit his job and now devotes his time to trying to help others through writing, broadcasting and public speaking, because, when it comes to mental health problems, sometimes just talking about it is enough.

Public Speaking 

Josh is a mental health speaker offering completely bespoke, and tailored talks for corporate clients and conferences.


Josh's Latest Book: 'Anxious Man' is his story about battling with crippling anxiety and his journey to now.

In 2017, Josh went to a party, the next morning he woke-up to discover his mind had collapsed. In a matter of days he went from being a fun loving, seemingly successful twenty-something to a hot mess of tears and nerves. Eventually he was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

​Since then, Josh has been mending his mind, rediscovering happiness and learning to live his nervous life. 'Anxious Man' is the story of all this.​

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Personal Endorsement by Stephen Fry


Image by Andrew Mantarro

Anxious Man Publication 2020


“Interesting, insightful and surprisingly uplifting for a talk about mental health. Josh's thoughts are incredibly relevant in the modern workplace. ”

— Will Brookes, Managing Director at Raconteur

If you'd like to find out more  or to discuss a booking get in touch with us to hear more. 



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