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Anthony Astbury

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Life Coach & Founder of The Whole Man Academy


Men's Health


Men's Mental Health, Men's Health, Male Confidence, Men's Wellbeing, Public Speaking, Wellbeing, Resilience, Life Coach, Podcaster


Inspiring Men To Do Life Better. Anthony is the co-founder and lead campaigner for The Whole Man Academy, a living and breathing magazine for men – a cool coaching and personal development space that every man can choose to interact with in their own unique way.

In his early twenties, like many men Anthony's quest for the perfect physique dictated much of his life. After suffering a spontaneous pneumothorax (or collapsed lung), resulting in rapid weight loss and 6 months of inactivity, Anthony began striving for the perfect physique, linking his self-worth to how he looked.

Now, in his forties Anthony swapped his career as a city broker, to specialise in coaching men to master their mindset, at work and play, and to live an outstanding lifestyle. Anthony believes that there is more to looks, and in his role as an ambassador, campaigner, speaker and co-founder of the Whole Man Academy, is championing positive well-being for men.

Since September 2018, the Whole Man Academy has been creating spaces for men to talk. Their public and corporate events, workshops, and 1-2-1 coaching sessions are designed to help men build a strong mindset and improve their resilience in today’s challenging and demanding world. We welcome all men to be part of that conversation.

Public Speaking 

Anthony is a public speaker, host and presenter across all aspects of men's health and well-being. Via the Whole Man Academy, Anthony holds events designed specifically for men as well as sessions where all those who want to help and support men are more than welcome.

As well as consumer events, Anthony speaks regularly for corporate clients. Anthony and his team provide one-to-one, group coaching, seminars and conferences, as well as providing leadership change and workplace well-being consultancy services to help companies create strategies that consider the wellness of men in their plans.


The Whole Man Academy is a living and breathing magazine for men. Led by three inspiring individuals who want to bring men together to share life experience and discuss everyday challenges. The team aims to empower men to be more resilient, build confidence and make the most of their lives at work and at play.

Bad mental health, low self-esteem and unfulfilled working lives are blighting modern men. Today it begins to stop.

Image by Andrew Mantarro

Co- Founder & CEO of The Whole Man Academy


Image by Andrew Mantarro

Men's Health Campaigner Helping EVERY Man do life better.


If you'd like to find out more  or to discuss a booking get in touch with us to hear more. 



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