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Why Fairy Tales Are Great for Child Development

What our children can learn from fairy tales and why they keep the magic alive...

Childhood is a time of magic, innocence and fantasy, when beds become boats with sheets as sails, and tea towels become capes of invincibility. According to child psychologist Sally Goddard Blythe, director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology, when children use their imagination in play they are developing crucial psychological and emotional capacities that help them understand the world in which they live and their relation to it; they are learning to solve problems, create new possibilities, and even change the world.

Fairy tales are one of those creative ways to transport our children into a world of imagination, and are great tools for teaching kids about reality and fantasy, as well as story development, whilst teaching kids about conflict resolution, resilience and navigate some of the emotions that we experience in life.

What better way to bring those fairy tales to life than with Everlasting Entertainment, a local group of actors and storytellers that who create living fairy tales for children by dressing up as their favourite book characters, telling stories and singing, to take your little ones on a magical journey of imagination!

Specialising in Parties and Events their Princess entertainers are the best of their kind, Everlasting Entertainment have seen a huge increase in the desire to escape from the real world right now.

“We bring the art of storytelling to 100’s of children across Gloucestershire" says founder and owner Beth. "During lockdown, we thought this was more important than ever and so we wanted to make sure we could still do this via socially distanced meetups with Disney princesses and virtual events as we really wanted to support our children and give them a little bit of magic to keep them going. We felt this was needed more than ever.”

When it comes to the positive impacts of their work on children, Beth says; “Fairy tales offer an imaginary world of joy that allows children to grow and learn without fear, allowing them to experience scenarios and choices they may not have in the real world- which translates into their personalities and traits they carry for life.”

This is an idea supported by Dr Miriam Stoppard OBE who confirms stories can help create self-awareness and identity, as well as support mental and physical well-being, and according to Early Years Expert and Author Tania Swift, children learn through play, with physical development one of only three prime areas of development.

Of course to make it all feel as real as possible and truly transport the kids, the team have to truly get into character, so Beth and the Everlasting team, source truly authentic Disney Character costumes which are all made by seamstresses across the globe. From the second Beth and her performers enter their Royals to the moment they say their farewells, they are full immersed in character.

So who is the most popular Disney Princess? Queen Elsa of course, with over 80% of the bookings, and perhaps in a world which is so out of our control right now there's something we can all learn from her popular idiom… let it go. 

To find out more about Everlasting Entertainment visit their page over on the WellBook - Everlasting Entertainment. Book their Entertainers via the website:

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