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The Importance of Communities for New Parents

Live Life Well talks to Busy Lizzy, a local parent community providing Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness to Baby and Tots classes whilst also bringing new mums together.

A briefing paper from children’s commissioner, Anne Longfield’s office says an estimated 76,000 babies were born in England under lock-down. But concerns have been voiced by many groups including the National Childbirth Trust, which has claimed new parents have been left "socially isolated" during lock-down and unaware of how to get help.

Founder of Busy Lizzy Cheltenham Amy Clarke, a family club that has been supporting mums since 2011, said; "It's been a difficult time foe many new mums and struggling parents without being able to access the usual family and support networks.

"Busy Lizzy is the UK's no 1 family club, which launched in Cheltenham in 2019. We provide a wide range of Busyl Lizzy offers Pregnancy and Postnatal fitness classes, plus fun Baby and Toddler Classes both online and in your local area; meaning you can still enjoy fitness and fun from the comfort of your own home or meet other like-minded mums locally."

During lockdown, Amy was determined to keep supporting her community and new parents, opening up her online and on-demand services and added extra talks and resources, to enable people to still workout, and socialise with other mums going through similar, experiences providing a lifeline for mums across the county.

"As a local community built on social engagement and bringing our members together, it was important for us to continue to provide support to our members and new mums locally. As well as fitness, we've hosted talks on 'Returning to Work During COVID' 'Managing Toddlers Tricky Behaviours', 'The Benefits of Baby Wearing', 'The Importance of Attachment and Play', 'Mini First Aid' and much more to provide much needed information and support to those mums and parents that need it most.

Since lock-down has been eased, Amy has gone back outdoors, releasing a new Summer Sessions timetable in local parks across Cheltenham, which are proving hugely popular; "Our mums really like the fact that they are out in the fresh air and giving their children Vitamin D from the Sunshine, whist getting out and about in nature."

But don’t just take Amy’s word for it, she’s had so many grateful mums such as Tamara Hopkins get in touch to praise this brilliant local community; "I've loved being back at classes, its still fun being outside, better even after months of lockdown! Enthusiastic instructors just make me appreciate exercising and fresh air with my baby even more, there's nothing like being distracted whilst you work those tired stomach muscles!"

By being able to meet other mothers in local parks, women are able to beat social isolation, learn more about the beautiful area they live in, bond with their baby, workout and make new friends. It really is a win win situation. In fact, research conducted by the Red Cross found a staggering 82 per cent of mums under 30 feel lonely some of the time while more than four in 10 (43 per cent) are lonely often or always, so Busy Lizzy really is providing such a valuable service.

New mums wanting to join this refreshing community can pick and mix your favourite classes using an app and book classes up to 4 weeks in advance, and cancel up to 2 hours before or access their classes on-demand instead, so if you've had a difficult night with baby, are struggling to leave the house on time, Busylizzy Live gives you ultimate flexibility - it really is the 'Must Have' membership for mums to be and new mums.

With so much uncertainty at the moment such flexibility is proving reassuring as one mum Alison, whose little baby Ruth is 11 months said:“I’ve been very impressed with busylizzy and the simplicity of the booking system, as you can easily see the class availability, book online and manage your schedule.”

So what does the future hold for Buzy Lizzy Cheltenham? “I am genuinely excited about our future" says Amy, "we are looking to grow our timetable and become the community hub we had started pre-lockdown! A group of like-minded mums, working out, having coffee and ensuring those special moments are shared amongst friends."

If you're a mum to be, new mum or struggling at home with your little ones and need a little more support, take a look at Busy Lizzy Cheltenham over on the WellBook now and trial some of their classes.

See Busy Lizzy's Profile here :

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