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Sport & Life Podcast With Ed Draper

Cheltenham Wellbeing Festival host, ambassador and Sky Sports Presenter Ed Draper this week spoke to local health and functional medicine expert Dr Ranaulf Crooke of Cotswold Optimal Health, and Craig Paterson a PHD researcher in Sports Science at the University of Gloucester, about the importance of cardiovascular health and fitness.

In this chat, Ed was put through his paces in a VO2 Max test on a rowing machine and provided an analysis of his fitness and metabolic health, with an in-depth discussion looking at our cardiovascular system, and its importance in day to day life.

This expert panel talks specifically on the context of COVID-19, but also general well-being, and how we can better understand our bodies, train well and effectively, rest and look after our health, to achieve optimal health and protect ourselves for the long-term.

Listen Now over on Ed Draper’s Sport and Life Podcast Here.

Learn more about Cotswold Optimal Health and Book your own personalised holistic Health Assessment over on the WellBook.

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