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Did you know that as humans we are actually genetically wired to be kind? Science says being kind to others not only makes us feel good, but actually benefits our health, according to a 2010 Harvard Business School survey of happiness.

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and their theme for 2020 is, you guessed it, Kindness, so at a time when we are all aware of the need to protect and manage our mental health, we have created a little 'Kind Corner' of FREE Friday resources for you, to help you to Live Life Well. 

#Bettertogether #BeKind 


The Outbreak of COVID-19 has seen communities across the UK and the world, coming together with kindness prevailing in uncertain times. Amid the fear, there is also community, support and hope.

Here are six easy, and FREE ways to spread a little but of kindness today to help yourself and others. 

  1. Run Errands for Others

  2. Gift An Inspirational Book

  3. Call on a Neighbor to check how they are doing

  4. Say Something Positive to a Local Business Online 

  5. Start a Community Campaign 

  6. Pay Someone a Compliment 


Sit Back, get yourself a cuppa, and take a look at the latest FREE issue of Happiful Magazine

The team at Happiful Magazine, our media partners for theLive Life Well Virtual Weekender, know that this is a tricky time for our mental health and they're here to help once again. 

Happifulis free in its digital format, and includes great expert mental health and wellbeing advice, personal experiences, interviews and actionable hacks. You can subscribe here to receive the digital magazine at no cost, every month. 

This month's edition of Happiful is a Dawning Moment Special and features 86 ways to nourish your wellbeing, DIY spa tips and how to be confident in your decision making. 


Parenting Mental Health

A community built to empower, educate and support parents with children who have a mental illness or mental health condition. Parenting Mental Health (PMH) was founded by Suzanne Alderson with a Facebook group in September 2016, and simple goal; to connect and support parents. Since then it has grown exponentially, and is now a global community empowering, educating, and supporting thousands of parents with daily advice, free resources, webinars and more. 

10 Days of Happiness 

Free online coaching program for challenging times. One of our favourite talks of the Live Life Well Weekender was with the wonderful Steph Peltier from the Happiness Society. You can View the Talk again if you have been sent the 'On-Demand' links, or register here to view for and in-depth insight into nuroplasticity and how to re-train your braind. Or for another great resource, take a look at Action for Happiness and their FREE 10 Days of Happiness online coaching program which guides you through daily actions for happier living.

iGROWCo, have also created a very special '7 Days of Mindfulness for Kids'

Founded by two mum-preneurs, teachers and parenting-coaches have created 7 mindful videos, including guided meditations, music, movement and breath-work, with the help of special guests from around the world.

Take a look and Take Look Today via their Facebook or Youtube Pages. 


You can still access our program of events hosted at the Live Life Well Weekender via our

ON-DEMAND platform.

Simply use the links we sent across, register for a FREE ticket via or get access here.

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