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I am me - Empowering Positive Mental Health in Children

Recent research shows that 10% of children and young people have been clinically diagnosed with a mental health problem*. Half of these are established by age 14, and 70% don't get appropriate intervention at an early age.

For any parent these figures are worrying, so how can we better protect our youngsters and provide better mental health support as well as empower them to take responsibility for their own mental health?

Welcome to the innovative and interactive I am me app. A completely free mobile app, I am me is designed to help young people navigate and cope with the pressures of today’s fast-paced life and maintain a healthy mind doing so.

Created by young people, for young people, i am me is all about prevention: equipping young people with the tools and know-how to better cope with the challenges that they face.

Through interactive tools, articles, videos and many other amazing features including a mood indicator, emotional need calculator and capacity builder, the I am me app offers practical and emotional help for all young people, supported by face-to-face development workshops.

Your child will gain access to inspirational video messages, articles written by experts on everything from mindfulness, anxiety and stress, success, failure, and self-identity, to divorce, relationships, behaviour and much more, helping your children to explore their own thoughts feelings and emotions.

Developed by a team of experts, dedicated to supporting young children in their learning, careers and mental health, i am me is driven from an authentic passion to educate, enable and empower, and to make an almighty shift in the stats surrounding mental health in young people.


  • A completely free mobile app

  • Self-help tools including a mood indicator, emotional need calculator, and capacity builder

  • Specialist tools, tips, articles and coaching content that help young people to address underlying difficulties

  • Carefully selected partnerships and links to further support.


An incredibly empowering tool for children to use themselves to help them learn and understand their own emotions and mental health. Download it now!

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