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Consume to Create Something Wonderful

Purelands Acupuncture share their insight into how we can harness the power of positive habits and use it to fuel our inner superhero.

There is a Chinese proverb which says “He who takes medicine and neglects to diet, wastes the skill of his doctor”

We can agree this is a sensible concept to live by, however when that second or third piece of cake is calling our name, it’s difficult to put our money where our mouth is— well, at least not put too much cake there!

The fact is, we are what we eat. This concept is so well known it’s a modern cliche. However, where this gets really interesting is when we apply that concept, that our reality is shaped by our habits, and apply to other aspects of our life beyond food. 

Every day we get up and we choose what we eat, drink, wear, listen to, who we talk to, who we look up to, and every other puzzle piece we assemble together into our everyday life. 

The particulars of these choices of things we ‘Consume’ is what makes up the whole jigsaw of us, our whole life. 

To think of the choices we make for our self not as non consequential, but as the basis upon which we build our physical and mental reality creates an inner shift towards prioritizing what we want to embody.. suddenly we’re harnessing the power of positive habits and using it to fuel our inner superhero. 

As Healthcare practitioners, our whole job is to help you get rid of your pain and find your way back to your best self, and by far the best treatment approach is a collaborative one. No amount of medical treatment can make up for a diet lacking in essentials for physical and mental function, however it’s often difficult to stay motivated and only too easy for discouragement to creep in. 

However, in beginning to relate to our everyday choices of Consumption as the process of creation for the next chapters in our life.. well it makes us look forward to that meditation session, that healthy meal, to our 6am gym session, because we can see the positive picture our small actions are creating. Suddenly, we are in the driver's seat of how we feel each day, our energy levels, our mood, the whole shebang.

Rather than relating to our goals of being a distant and unattainable dream as we often can, with this approach we can see our health and life goals are right here, made up of little twinkles of positive changes in our Consumption we create day by day.

Purelands Acupuncture

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